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01 Sep 2012

Harvard Business Review: A new tool radically improves marketing research

This month, the Harvard Business Review have published an article about the effectiveness of MESH's Real-time Experience Tracking (RET)™, saying "a new tool radically improves marketing research".

The article, written by Emma K. Macdonald, Hugh N. Wilson, and Umut Konuş from Cranfield School of Management, describes the ways in which RET has been used to increase the effectiveness of marketing research for a number of clients, including SAS and Energizer. The article acknowledges that more conventional methods of research have to face a fundamental flaw: that of customer recall and the fact that customer’s memories can fade quite rapidly thus, causing inaccuracies.  The article explains how the RET approach avoids this inaccuracy with the added benefit of taking away any unconscious bias (as can happen with ethnographic/shadow research, for example).  It highlights how RET can reach ALL touchpoints together with brand positivity and persuasiveness, as feedback is given in real-time.

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